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When you realize the value of all life you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.

Together for a unity for life is what we @ are doing and unity is the path forward. We are people from both USA and Germany. Support your efforts and ideas and ours in buying a cosmic clearance t-shirt and become a leading force for the good in the World.

A silent prayer for all the lives has been lost and we are sending you love and strength our condolences from NWOstaff.

It is Enough … we are like crazy going “GO’U’HOO” The world is in chaos and the cry for survival comes from the planet itself. Our situation is ripe for a roll out of a desired new world order. A new order of norms and institutions to encourage and support incentives for truth telling. The truth about this new world order is to unite humanity this time, this place. Show respect and reject the culture manipulating facts. We are the global Organization for Universal harmony and oriented order.

However, we do reject those who are willing to proclaim a fantasy universe of conspirational illusions, based on pure unhinged propaganda, lies and disinformation. Those people to act from false patriotism in the corrupt political inhuman like universe, is to commit base betrayals in the world of actual facts. Hostility lead to the storming of the German Reichtags stairs  and the deadly insurrection of the American capitol in Washington DC. just a few weeks apart by virtual internet cults becoming a global danger now attacking the seats of our democracy, attacking you.

Appreciate the privilege we have in our both countries. The privilege of voting, speaking freely even protest for the weirdest things amongst the most ridiculous one like there is no coronavirus. Take a hard look at other countries where such irrational human behavior brings you behind bars or worse like a life sentence in prison or execution.

Picture Capital riot
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These events finally gave us the rest now and we cannot be quiet about it anymore. Join us!

Make your voice heard for a better world and the required desperately needed new world order and apply your ears to knowledge. We are asking for your support and effort … what could possibly go wrong ?

We as humanity only have this one world we are living in, please stop destroying this beautiful blue marble moving us through space propelling humanity in an unknown future. Only with your desire and support we can make it a future of hope, love, truth and understanding.

But what we are witnessing right now is the ultimate of the utterly most primitive human species behavior … If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered you to take you home with them would you go? Of course you go … anything to leave this nonsensical planet of impressive terrifying idiots. But consider this: they would not invite us, in fact, we also would not invite such a race …

We wish for and like you to join We do not want to sow hate or unpleasant feelings we intend to bring the message and united we can be the catalyst for change.

One soweth and the other reapeth is a verity that applies to evil as well as good.

Life is full of opportunities for a better change, let’s try to catch them all … Think before you book a flight .. .before you use your car. Consider not eating meat with every single meal. Just think, we have this tremendous brain, please, please, please let’s use it from now on for a better world.

It is us and you who can make the change. Even the smallest things will help if billions of people start doing them. Stop depending on others.

We are frustrated and disappointed from the world as it is right now. It could be so much better. Help to bring the message to people, help to make the change, help to spread the word.

Now is about the time. The climate will change one way or the other, we do not have to additionally accelerate it with pollution we create.

Imagine, if our astrophysicists discover a planet with iced polar caps, they consider it to be still in an ice age. Earth’s polar caps are still iced. We do not intend to join any climate discussion, argument, rhetoric or debate as we do not care for it. We are just pointing out the fact about earths iced polar caps.

Solutions to our global problems will require full worldwide attention we cannot afford to allow our self to be propelled headlong unprepared into an unknown future.

We must embrace a new era of mutual interest and mutual respect and our work must begin now.

Our whole soul is in it, join in the cause and with unity we can do great things good things be the leading source for the good in this world. Lend a hand to each other, we all need each other in this together.

Protect our truth. THANK YOU WORLD !