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In history new world order phrases and words alike go back some time.

year 1842
“THE OLD ORDER changeth,” said the dying King Arthur.”Morte d’ Arthur,” “yielding place to new.

year 1846
Archbishop Richard Trench of Ireland “There is a nobler “world-order” than that in which we live and move.

The famous phrase is not coined but rather updated,reconstructed or adapted over the next 179 years.

year 1918 after world war one
year 1921 Lenin
year 1932 "Brave new World"
year 1940 "The new world order"
year 1941 Neuordung
year 1986 year 1986 and 1987
year 1989 year 1989 and 1993
year 2009 year 2009 and 2017

In history R.F.K. spoke of new world order, new world society. Henry Kissinger spoke of a new world order idea. The british man Brown, spoke of new world order six times in his speeches. Several other world leaders and politicians from around the world have used the famous phrase one way or the other in a speech.

United Nations secreatary General Kurt Waldheim talked about new world order, but as a projection of the American dream into europe and that in it’s naivete the idea of a new world order used to further the parochial interests of George L. and Georges C. thus ensuring the league’s eventual failure. United states stoped later on this matter.


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