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mission milestones

Hello world,

Hello all nations and peoples, let’s power-up worldwide climax for world peace. global community, don’t worry be happy, we got each other’s back.

Our mission and message to “define a set of rules” might not be popular to some, and indeed is frightening to the deep pocket billionaire community, and the owners of this

world, but no worries we are not out for any gripe with them.

Improvement calls for changes. Only Authentic Actions changes things to thrive. World peace, finally.

Myths and warfare are a breakdown of social agreements. Myths and warfare is all our rich world leaders and the money-draining owners of our world

have been delivering and clobbering all nations all peoples with for decades.

It’s time to raise awareness to the un-aware people and those manufacturing myths and warfare.

KNOW YOUR WORTH…you must find the courage to leave the table if respect is no longer served.

Getting to grips with the problems, first look around you!

look around you gather all the tools! and start reaping the harvest. One of the biggest tools we have to fight unawareness is the power of human connection.

That’s why awareness months, weeks, and days are so important. They rally us world-wide together to spread awareness and show support. desire focuses on the issues the planet is facing, how people’s future life will be affected by those issues, and how to live with all the changes.

Things only happen in two ways, gradually and suddenly.

Presenting solutions in a form of rules that all nations and all peoples can agree to and leading to resolutions of the issues we are world-wide facing; we intend to being our

mission for a world without wars.

Hello world, let’s power-up to listen to world-wide held uplifting discussions addressing the issues our planet is facing. Long past due discussions of objections, changes,

deletions, and additions bringing forward all the issues we are facing from peoples voices world-wide which agree on the fact our world is in chaos. Any results for a thriving   Cosmic Clearance world-wide people’s community will be fine as long it will empower happiness.

Nations, countries, and people willing to join for the better world can look for ways to implement the set of rules into their law. No country will have to dissolve established law, and keep their traditions. Laws that have been agreed to and meet the better world set of rules would need to be dissolved.

“One day, after I am long gone,
you will remember me and say,
we should have stopped
the nuclear program of Israel
abolished the Federal Reserve
and kicked all secret societies,
occultist usurpers and Zionists
out of our wonderful country,
to keep it that way, but it is never too late.
Define a set of rules that everyone can agree to”

Raise awareness for this set of rules, propose them to every single government of the planet to share with their citizens

Discuss objections, changes, deletion and additions as long it will bring happiness

Countries willing to join this look for ways to implement the set of rules of happiness into their law for happy citizens

No country will have to dissolve, they all can keep their laws and traditions, except the ones violating the set of rules everyone already agreed to.